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10August 2022

Drain Backup Cleanup Service

Does the drain in your basement leak dirty water? Or perhaps strange issues are troubling you, such as water backing up into your kitchen sink whenever you flush your upstairs toilet.

These clog issues in your drains are indications that your sewage main is blocked. There is no need to panic with TucsonAZ Plumbing’s quick and economical services.

Our team of professionals can rapidly resolve the issue so that you may resume living your life as normal.

Drain backup causes

Your drains have a network of smaller pipes that feed into a bigger pipe, much like the branches of a tree.

All of the water that you flush down those smaller pipes and into your drain main when you rinse your dishes, run the washer, or flush the toilet.

From there, it either goes to your septic tank or the city sewer.


Water won’t be able to drain if something happens to your drain main and prevents the passage of wastewater.

Instead, a backup will occur into the drains.

Due to the fact that water flows downward and all of your drains are interconnected, drain backup issues are typically initially noticed on the lower floors of your home (such as the basement drains) or in toilets since they have a direct link to the drain main.


Drain backups can be caused by a number of common factors, including:


  • Tree roots are drawn to the oxygen and moisture in drains.

Tree Roots Clogging Sewer Main Drains.   The small tree roots can enter the drain, spread, and result in significant jams.

  • Old sewer systems can last for more than a century.

However, as they get older, they may corrode and lose their capacity to withstand heavy flows of wastewater.

  • Combined Pipelines

Some sewer systems in Arizona combine storm and sewage water in the same pipelines. This could result in sewage water backing up into your home after a rainstorm.

  • ¬†Blocked Municipal Lines

Your home and the homes of your neighbors will experience issues if the city sewer line becomes clogged. In this instance, the city is in charge of finding a solution.


What We Do to Fix Drain Backups

Tree roots obstructing the drains are the main cause of drain backups that we usually find. In these situations, hydro-jetting, a procedure that employs pressurized water to blast the tree roots out of the drain so that water can flow once again, can usually cure the issue.


It could be necessary to repair the main drain if tree roots have harmed the drain, or if the drain is damaged because of age or other issues (ground shifting, yard work, etc.).

We atTucsonAZ Plumbing can frequently replace sewer mains without tearing up your yard thanks to cutting-edge trenchless technology.

If excavation is necessary, we vow to do so with the least amount of harm to your yard and property.


Keep drain backups from getting worse. For quick, dependable, and reasonably priced drain backup services, contact us today.



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