Do You Need a Water Softener

10August 2022

HomeWater101 estimates that hard water is present in 85% of the nation. Calcium, magnesium, and occasionally iron are among the several minerals that are abundant in hard water.

Although it is safe, hard water can be quite expensive and cause bothersome problems.

The area with the largest concentration of hardness levels is in Southern Arizona.

Hard Water Across the US

Water softeners are devices that eliminate the problematic minerals from hard water. You can get help from a plumbing business with the installation of these devices.

In Arizona, Tucson AZĀ  Plumbing is a full-service solution for plumbing needs. There are many simple symptoms that you might require a water softener.



Hard water’s mineral content can lead to dry, irritated skin. Even on your scalp, hair, and skin, residue can accumulate. If you discover that your shampoo or shower gel doesn’t lather up as it should, hard water may be at blame, and a water softener may be necessary.



Have you ever observed stains around your drains or a substance that resembles chalk on your showerhead?

The minerals in hard water cause what is known as scale build-up, which is what this is.

This build-up also occurs inside your refrigerator and dishwasher, where it is not usually visible.


Your appliances may last less time and operate less effectively as a result of this buildup.

You will pay more for utilities as a result, and you will also have to replace your appliances and pay for pricey plumbing repairs.

A water heater installation can also stop the onset of urgent plumbing problems.

You need a Water Softener, the initial investment will pay itself in the long run with the money you will save on utilities and maintenance costs



Your water heater is one appliance that is particularly sensitive to hard water.

You might require a water softener if your water heater doesn’t seem to be operating efficiently or if it completely breaks down.

Scale accumulation in the tank and on the heating elements is sped up by the heat from the water heater.



Do you discover that you need to call a plumber more frequently than you anticipated?

Regular plumbing problems may indicate that you require a water softener.

Remainder accumulation in pipes can cause jams or sluggish draining of sinks, bathtubs, or showers.


The residue that can accumulate on your skin, inside of your appliances, and on your dishes can also do so.

You may want a water softener if white stains remain on your glasses even after they have been washed in the dishwasher.


Your clothing Discolor Quickly

Your garments may suffer from the effects of hard water.

The minerals accumulate on garments, making them itch and itch and fade more quickly.

Your clothes will last longer if you use a water softener.

You can save a lot of money over time by installing a water softener in your home.

You can get assistance choosing the ideal water filtration system for your requirements from a reputable plumbing business.

Contact TucsonAZ Plumbing, a full-service plumber in Tucson, Arizona, if you detect any of these problems in your house to learn more about our reasonably priced plumbing services.

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